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Hot Air Balloon Safari Tour Uganda | Zimbo Safaris Uganda

Hot Air Balloon Safari Tour Uganda

Hot Air Balloon Safari Tour Uganda

Hot air Balloon safaris in Uganda are recently done at Murchison Falls National park this air balloon experience is handled by the Dream Balloons who were registered and certified fully in 2011 by the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority, the National Environment Management Authority, the Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Uganda Communications Commission before they could to run this particular activity in Uganda’s National Parks.

The hot air balloons are launched near Paraa safari Lodge which is the Wildlife side of the park. here, you will get chance to watch them make  preparations like pumping air into the balloon before you could soar high during the morning sunrise then given a brief on the safety precautions, rules and regulations as you get ready to hop aboard the balloon. .On this kind of safari you get chance to view the wildlife from above as you enjoy a beautiful savannah  scenery. Most of this happens above the treetops to make it much easy for you to see the majority of the wildlife. After you are through with your hot air balloon tour, you are handed certificates that show your participation in the above activity and then later, you finish off with a special bush breakfast and a bottle of Champagne all organized and provided by the  chefs from the Paraa safari Lodge, and later continue with a game drive around the park and return to your place of accommodation. There is also a sunset balloon flight that starts exactly at 4pm however, this one does not come with any special offers like the bush meals after the ride.

Hot air balloon safaris are good for those on honeymoon, and those seeking a once in a lifetime adventure. The scenes up there are spectacular and the air fresh and soothing. This experience is made of thousands of memories you will reminisce every time you think about your Safari in Uganda.

These hot air balloons are so interesting that one must not miss out on their safari trip to Murchison falls national park.they go fo a cost of USD 380 per person (includes bush breakfast in the wild)  and it takes a duration of 2-3 hrs Something to note about these balloons is that its size does not matter mainly because the more it is filled up with air, the more the weight it can carry. However for now only 8 passengers are permitted to fly up in the balloon. Excluded are the little children of the age of 6 and below because the Hot air balloon goes as high as 10000 ft. above sea level which might leave them uneasy.

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